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Hi, I'm vrugtehagel.

Welcome to my website! I'm a dutch artist, who started drawing in early october 2016. I love drawing because it's both productive and relaxing, and so it's a great way to spend time. I'm also into maths and puzzles, and every once in a while, I program a website, usually a game of some sorts (or, for example, a website to put my drawings on). The tools I use for my drawings are cheap pens and markers from a local artstore, where I also get my A3 paper. For A4 or smaller, I just use printerpaper. If you think something is missing from this description, feel free to contact me and ask for more information, so I can improve this section.

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If you have questions or suggestions, you're interested in getting on of my drawings, or maybe you just want to say hello, pretty much the only way to contact me is by emailing to